Library surveys: 2024 & 2023!

Help us celebrate National Library Week by taking our survey & reading results from last year.

It’s National Library Week! If you have time to stop by from 1:00-3:00, we will have 📚📖Yonkers Public Library📖📚 with us managing library card sign ups! If you miss that event, click the link to get a library card online. Their collection is a great supplement for your SLC work, and you’ll gain access to even more eBooks.

Students’ Library Surveys: 2024 & 2023!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and serve the college better. Take this quick survey to help! It’s roughly 30 questions long and can take roughly 5-15 minutes to take.

Curious about last year? See the results of the 2023 Student Survey.

Noise Level Zones in the Main Library

In last year’s survey, several of you mentioned the need for a quiet place to study, while others expressed a need for space to socialize and study together. In response to this, we have designated each level of the library to pose a different set of noise level expectations. You might already have noticed signs around the library! Full details of each zone below.

Upper Level : Silent Zone


  • There will be no conversations or disruptions of any kind.

  • Exceptions where conversation is necessary & sound will bleed through:

    • Information & Circulation Desks downstairs

    • Study spaces downstairs by the Learning Commons

    • Study Rooms

    • The Pillow Room

  • Food is only allowed near vending machines in the Lower Level

Main Level : Quiet Zone


  • Any conversations will be conducted in muted voices

  • Exceptions where louder conversation is often necessary:

    • Circulation & Information Desks

  • Food is only allowed near vending machines in the Lower Level

Lower Level : Talking Zone


  • Voices at average talking volume

  • Food is only allowed near vending machines